Conference Dates: October 15-18, 2018
Conference Location: Shelby County Expo Center

The Conference is open to all current ATOA members.
Check with the ATOA Secretary for your membership status:

Remember: Annual dues and the conference registration fees are separate payments.

Individual Membership—$55

Team Membership
Team memberships are intended for SWAT or Tactical Teams.
• Small Team – 8-13 members-$390.00
• Medium Team – 14-20 members-$600.00
• Large Team – 21-25 members-$750.00 per year with an additional $30.00 per member over the 25 person limit.
***Team Membership must have individual contact information and a primary point of contact***

Associate Membership—$100

Conference registration is open. We are looking forward to a great conference! Tell your friends and co-workers.


Training Blocks- 2018 blocks will be offered in 8-hour classes and 16-hour courses.

Two Day Courses (16 hours):
Tactical Intervention in Public Venues:
Hoover SWAT- Lighthorse Tactical- (Hoover MET)
This 16-hour course will include organization, tactics and deployment of tactical teams in regard to protecting large public events.
27/30 Slots remain

50 rounds force on force ammo
Force on force weapon
Force on force protective gear (groin, neck, head)
Plain clothes set-up
Standard tactical gear & uniform

Covert Carry Course:
Talon Defense- (Alabaster PD Range)
This 16-hour course will include techniques, equipment and mindset for Officers working in a plain-clothes/off-duty capacity.
13/14 Slots remain
400 rounds HG/600 rounds carbine ammunition
Concealed carry gear (holster, mag carriers, clothing, backpacks, if you are using it, bring it)
Required cover garments- Loose t-shirt, button down shirt, hoodie or sweat shirt, light jacket, heavy coat (techniques will be used for ALL of these garments, singularly and in layers)
Eye protection/Ear protection
Body armor


CQB Basic Course:
Elmore County SWAT- (DTTG Tac House & Bay)
This 16-hour course will cover the basic fundamentals of initiative based tactics through free flow points of domination and the practical application of each.
15/16 Slots remain

SWAT Kit (helmet, eyes, ears, vest)
Simunition (or similar) pistol
Simunition (or similar) bolt kit for rifle
100 Simunition pistol rounds (200 if no bolt kit)
100 Simunition rounds rifle
Force on force protective gear (groin, neck, head)

Introduction to Negotiations:
Reggie Parker, Parker Counseling & Consulting, LLC
This 16-hour course is designed to increase the skills and knowledge of the first responder, supervisor, commander or new negotiator in methods of negotiations in crisis situations and other leadership roles. This course presents theory, practices, case studies and practical exercises.
56/62 Slots remain

Note taking gear 

Woodland Operations Course:
Shelby County Sheriffs Office- David Black
This 16-block equips the Officer with the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) for working “off-road” tactics when searching or moving through a wooded area tactically.
2/16 Slots remain

Tactical gear appropriate for woodland movement
Hydration source
Force on Force weapon
Force on force cartridges- 100 rounds
Head, throat and groin protection 

Patrol Officers Medical Response (T1 & W1):
Tuscaloosa SRT- (4H) Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This 8-hour block is designed to teach the Officer medical care under the TCCC guidelines to include: 3 phases of care, tourniquet use, improvised bandages and TQ’s, nasal airways, chest seals, assessments, pressure dressings, hemostatic agents and prevention of hypothermia.
22/24 T1-Tuesday slots remain—-21/24 W1-Wednesday slots remain

Issued first aid kit if available
Uniform & gear (based on Officer’s assignment)
Bring blue guns if available 

Advanced LE Sniper Techniques Workshop (T2 & W2):
North AL Sniper Challenge/LHT- Shannon Thrasher & Jeremy Lett (Brock’s Gap-H Range) Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This 8-hour block will review basic stalking, establishing hide positions (rural and urban), conduct non-traditional observation methods. Live and blank fire will be conducted from hides, vehicles and elevated positions. This is a Sniper/Spotter session, register your buddy or be prepared to work with a stranger.
12/12 T2-Tuesday slots remain
9/12 W2-Wednesday slots remain

Sniper Rifle with 80 rounds of ammo
Handgun with 50 rounds of ammo
Eye & ear protection
Notebook and pen
Ghillie Suit
Camouflage face paint
Field uniform
Call-out gear & tools (any gear you normally use)
Sunscreen, bug juice, lunch, snacks, water
Spool of 550 cord (highly suggested)
Bungees (highly suggested)
Burlap or other screen material (highly suggested)
Knife/folding saw (highly suggested)
Field chair (highly suggested)

Intro to Low Power Variable Optics (T3 & W3):
Lighthorse Tactical- (Brock’s Gap- D Range) Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This class will introduce and demonstrate the low/ variable power optic (LVPO) as an enhancement for the patrol rifle. The class will allow the student to work with his/ her LPVO at ranges from 0-100+ yards and focus on the ability to identify threats, engage targets with more precision, and identify hazards that may not be able to seen with non-magnified optics or iron sights. Instruction will also cover optic/ reticle selection, zeroing, setup for longer engagements and maintenance.

***Students are asked to email the cadre with the make & model of the optic they are using prior the class.
13/14 T3-Tuesday slots remain
14/14 W3-Wednesday slots remain

Rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition
Handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition
Tactical Gear
Ear & eye protection
Body armor
Water, lunch & snacks

Officer’s Quarters- Leadership Master Class (T4 & W4):
Brandon Bateman-
19/24 T4-Tuesday slots remain
18/24 W4-Wednesday slots remain

Note taking gear

Command, Control & Leadership (T5) :
*Tuesday only-TEES- Alan Brosnan (4H)
This 8-hour block introduces Officers to key principles pertaining to leadership of a tactical unit as well as breaching and tactical considerations based on international best practices in combatting current criminal and terrorist threats.
24/30 T5-Tuesday slots remain

Note taking gear

Dignitary Protection Day (W5) :
*Wednesday only-TEES- Alan Brosnan (4H)
This block introduces Officers to the key principles of conducting a dignitary protection detail in a permissive environment. Theory and practical applications will be covered.
15/20 W5-Wednesday slots remain

Handgun (blue gun preferred), concealment holster, cover garment.

Intro to Breaching, Flash Bangs and Emerging Technologies (T6):
*Tuesday only Royal Arms, International (DTTG Classroom & Bay 3)
This 8-block will cover breaching, flash bangs and other emerging technologies required by team leadership to make informed decisions in acquisition, planning and use of such munitions.
18/20 T6-Tuesday slots remain
Standard tactical gear
Ear and eye protection
Note taking gear

Certified Basic Ballistic Breaching Course (W6):
*Wednesday only Royal Arms, International (DTTG Classroom & Bay 3)
This 8-hour block will cover ballistic breaching, equipment, tactics, ammunition choice, operational considerations, and practical application.
18/20 W6-Wednesday slots remain

Standard tactical gear
Ear and eye protection
Note taking gear

Tactical Firearms Package (T7 & W7):
Florence SWAT- Craig Blasingame Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This 8-hour block will cover the use of tactical firearms (handgun/carbine) manipulations and marksmanship drills. The emphasis will be, but not limited to a CQB environment.
12/20 T7-Tuesday Slots remain
18/20 W7-Wednesday slots remain

Tactical Gear with cap or helmet
Eye/Ear Protection
Handgun with 400 rounds
Carbine with 400 rounds
Water, snacks, lunch

Entry Team Workshop (T8 & W8):
Homewood TAC Unit- Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This 8-hour block will challenge the entry element to test their TTP’s in fluid tactical scenarios. The teams will be subjected to a wide range of realistic situations. Each team will have the opportunity to network with and a compare tactics with other teams. This is a team workshop and Officers should register in 4-6 Officer teams. Please limit one team per agency per session.
24/24 T8-Tuesday slots remain
24/24 W8-Wednesday slots remain

50 rounds of force on force ammo
Force on force protective gear (groin, throat, head)
Force on force weapons (no live weapons, leave them in the car)
Tactical gear used during entry operations by your team (rams, shields, etc.)

Critical Manipulations: Handgun- Havoc Shooting Solutions (T9 & W9):
Havoc Shooting Solutions (T9 & W9)- (Calera PD Range) Offered Tuesday & Wednesday
This is an 8-hour class on handgun training. This class will involve the use of two handed timed drills, close quarter drills, transitions, one handed shooting, and injured shooter drills. This is a physical class to include running and up and down movements.
11/12 T9-Tuesday slots remain
3/12 W9-Wednesday slots remain

600 rounds of ammunition
Duty belt, holster, magazine carrier
Duty handgun and 3 magazines
Body armor
Eye and ear protection
Ball cap
Water, lunch and snacks
Optional-Gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads.
Optional- tactical gear, if you work in it, train in it.

Aviation Support of Tactical Operations(T10):
*Tuesday only ALNG RAID Unit
This 8-hour block is designed to familiarize the Officer with the knowledge, skills and abilities to work safely in and around helicopters. The block will include flight time and moving into and out of helicopters.

An additional block of vehicle tactics will be conducted during this session. The vehicle portion will include work in and around common police vehicles for tactical operations.
15/24 slots remain T10- Tuesday

Tactical gear and weapons
Eye protection required
Ear protection suggested
Water, lunch and snacks

Aviation Support of Canine Operations (W10):
*Wednesday only ALNG RAID Unit
This 8-hour block is designed to familiarize the K9 team with the knowledge, skills and abilities to work safely in and around helicopters. The block will include flight time and moving into and out of helicopters.
9/12 slots remain W10- Wednesday

12 K9 Teams (person & dog)
Tactical gear & weapons
K9 specific gear
Eye protection required
Ear protection suggested
K9 training gear to include bite suits/sleeves
Water, lunch and snacks (and something for the handler)