ATOA 2020 Training Program (TP 20)

For 2020 the ATOA will conduct a series of training events.  Slots will be free or for reduced price for current (2020) ATOA Members. You must include your membership number when you register for the training slot. Individual membership numbers are generated when you renew your individual membership. Team membership numbers are generated after the team membership is received.

This training is in addition to the TacOps Conference in October.

TP 20-01 Tactical Firearms Course (GUNS24) by Lighthorse Tactical

27-29 JAN 2020

Double Tap Training Grounds, Calera, AL

TP 20-02 Patrol Rifle Workshop by Lighthorse Tactical

21FEB 2020

Gulf Shores PD Range, Gulf Shores, AL

The Alabama Tactical Operations Conference- 20-22 OCT 2020

The 2020 TOC dates are 20-22 October 2020. The conference location is Camp Liberty, 15719 Alabama Highway 157, Battleground, AL  35179.

The Vendor Show is 20 October 2020. The vendor show is open to any LE, EMS, Military or Security Professionals in uniform or displaying credentials.

The training days are 21-22 OCT 2020. Some of the training to be offered is listed below.

Registration is now open for the conference! Register now on the TOC20 Attendee page.

Vehicle CQB Handgun Course- Centrifuge Training- 16 hours
Entry Team Workshop- Hostage Rescue Focus- Lighthorse Tactical- 8 hours
NFDD Instructor Class- Liberty Dynamics- 8 hours
De-Escalation Class- Reggie Parker- 8 hours
First Responder Medical Class- Tactically Sound Training- 8 hours
Ballistic Shield Class- Point Blank Armor- 8 hours
Gunfighting 101- Tactical Handgun Class- SSGT- 8 hours
Parkland HS Shooting Debrief
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course- Valkyrie Austere Medical Solutions- 16 hours

The conference fee will include lodging and a lunch for each day of the conference.  The conference fee for members is $125.00.

Please make plans to attend our 20th Anniversary Conference.



The ATOA provides Law Enforcement Officers the opportunity to train, network and cross-load information in order to enhance individual and team capabilities.

Regular membership is open to ANY LE Officer, SWAT Medic or Doctor with a professional relationship to a tactical team.

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The ATOA conducts the Alabama Tactical Operations Conference annually. The conference is made up of training blocks, a vendor show and a competition events.

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Through relationships built at ATOA events, Officers, Commanders, SWAT Medics and industry professionals have overcome obstacles related to operations, budgets and personnel.

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ATOA Mission Statement

To be a network for police, tactical and medical organizations and personnel throughout the State of Alabama;

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, training, research and development of methods used to enhance successful executions of missions in the tactical environment;

To develop a database of information regarding police tactics that can be used for the betterment of an existing team or aid in the development of a new team.