tac·ti·cal (ˈtaktək(ə)l/), adjective: of, relating to, or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific outcome.

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Exhibitor Registration for the 2017 AOTA Conference is now live!

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Member Registration for the 2017 AOTA Conference coming soon!

“Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, San Bernardino, and so many other cities in America have seen first responders forced into tactical response roles so much that every police officer must become a tactical officer.”  A recent study conducted by the FBI shows that Active Shooter Incidents are on the rise and are occurring at a rate of ten times more frequently since 2000.  The death tolls continue to rise with incidents like the Orlando night club shooting.  The gunman in that incident was initially engaged by a patrol officer.  Incidents of police ambush are up 44% from 2015 and 26 patrol officers have died as a result.  Incidents like Baltimore and Ferguson involved patrol officers.

The Alabama Tactical Officer’s Association exists to facilitate training for first responders that not only sees them survive critical incidents, but gives them the tools to win those deadly encounters

The ATOA understands that mass casualty incidents are on the rise, threats from terrorism are a constant, and this is causing a paradigm shift for law enforcement in this country.  Police training and tactics must reach everyone who wears a badge and the ATOA can help further that reality.  Join today to start networking within the Alabama Law Enforcement community, to find discounts on vetted training sources, discover new training opportunities, and to grow support for tactical officers no matter the uniform they wear.  WE ALL NEED TO BE TACTICAL.

The ATOA is not just about SWAT, we are about providing training to all that wear a badge.

The enhancement of training and tactics for all officers is why we exist!

Individual Membership

Individual Membership

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The new Individual Membership gives you the most return on your membership investment. Read more about our expanded benefits and more opportunities to use them. Read more…

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Team Membership

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Specially designed for SWAT and Tactical Teams, the ATOA offers three classifications of teams to leverage the best discount possible. Read more…

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Associate Membership

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Tap into a new market while supporting those standing on the front line every day. This membership level was developed to provide an opportunity for Alabama businesses to get involved. Read more…