Join the ATOA today for only $55 for the year. Your membership grants you access to specialized training that will improve your skillset and put you a cut above the rest. We are all tactical.



Team memberships are specially designed for SWAT and Tactical Teams. The ATOA offers three classifications of teams and they must be represented by a designated point of contact for the agency or group. The classifications are:
• Small Team – 8-13 members at $390.00 per year beginning October 1st of current year
• Medium Team – 14-20 members at $600.00 per year beginning October 1st of current year
• Large Team – 21-25 members at $750.00 per year with an additional $30.00 per member over the 25 person limit.
***No Team Membership will be granted without individual contact information***
Team training and the facilitation of tactical training is what got the ATOA started. That will not be forgotten as the ATOA will always offer advanced training to the SWAT community. Our roots are in SWAT, but our mindset must change from that of just team to that of the individual tactical officer, enhanced survivability, and better training for all.



Associate members of the ATOA include, but are not limited to, those serving in fields such as corporate security, dignitary protection, retired law enforcement officers, and/or military. This membership classification can also include law enforcement affiliated groups like corporations, training groups, and equipment distributors. Join the ATOA to support to effort and get free or reduced cost training endorsed by the ATOA*, a certificate of membership, a membership card with your own personal ID number, and a yearly one off Velcro ATOA tactical patch.
*ATOA endorsed or sponsored training is only available for active law enforcement officers only

Associate members also get access to the Tactical Training Verification and Approval Process (VAPS) just for signing up.
The Tactical Training Verification and Approval Process (VAPS) was started from a need of the ATOA members. Getting the best quality training by the best qualified instructors at the lowest possible price. VAPS is not a SWAT Standard, it is a training standard! What VAPS does is creates a minimum standard for tactical law enforcement based training that allows the ATOA to properly vet the training source. Ever been to a class that didn’t quite measure up? VAPS has been set in place to verify the training sources and approve them to instruct courses for our members. The ATOA will even endorse training groups and vendors if their training and trainers meet our standards.

The good news for our associate members who wish to apply through the VAPS system is we will endorse your training, use your company or training group for ATOA sponsored events, advertise your training and events, and as an associate member you will have access to our collective membership for correspondence and advertisement. The best news is that our network is secure and only ATOA members are allowed access.
VAPS is designed to benefit everyone. It benefits the vendors and training sources as a platform to reach our members, advertisement of training events, allows for training partnerships with the ATOA, and the ATOA endorsement can be given to all that successfully complete the process. It benefits our members with vetted training sources, professional training, and close contact with the associate member through the ATOA network.
VAPS represents an improvement to the quality of training available to our members, the interactivity between associate and active members, and a cooperation to bring about the very best training available at the best possible price.
An associate membership to the ATOA is only $100 per year and that includes great benefits, VAPS access, and helps to support the ATOA in providing great training to ones who protect us all.


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