The Executive Board


Rhett McNatt, Limestone County SO
Term – 2019-2021

President’s Message

VP North
Marcus Wood, Jacksonville PD
Term -2017-2019

VP South
Jason Woodruff, Gulf Shores PD
Term -2017-2019

Adam Anglin, University of Alabama PD
Term -2017-2019

Daniel Stowe, Headland PD
Term -2019-2021

Director of Training
Curt Carpenter, Hoover PD (Ret.)

The ATOA Executive Board is made up of regular members of the ATOA. This board is tasked with conducting the business of the ATOA. Each Executive Board member has one vote in ATOA matters requiring such. Board Members are elected by membership vote and serve a two year term. The elections are staggered to ensure a continuity of command. The President and Treasurer rotate on the odd year, the Vice Presidents (North & South) and Secretary on the even year. The Executive Board has the authority to form committees to further the goals of the ATOA. The committees answer directly to the ATOA Executive Board.

Director of Training
Curt Carpenter, Hoover PD (Ret.)

ATOA Election Committee Chairman
David Hicks

Executive Conference Coordinator
Steve Sutherland, The S’land Group

Assistant Conference Coordinator
Misty Sutherland, The S’land Group